Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

These are my boyfriend’s favourite cupcakes, so far. Actually, they are everyone’s favourite, so far. They are moist, and chocolatey and fruity and just DELICIOUS.


I made these for the first time a few months back, when my friend Silvia and I had a booth at a fashion&lifestyle fair. I had been baking for almost two days straight. It was midnight, the night before the fair, and we thought that we should bake some sort of chocolate muffin/cupcake, like all we had done wasn’t enough. We found this awesome recipe on Mel’s Kitchen Cafe ( you should definetly check out her page, she has great recipes ) for Double Chocolate Muffins and just went for it. We didn’t have chocolate chips, so I used about 200 grams of frozen raspberries. Also, I replaced half of the water quantity with some pineapple juice I had left over from the Pineapple Uside Down Cake ( you will hear all about that in another post ). We decorated the muffins with ground pistachios and finely shaved chocolate.

ImageOne week after this, I was going to another fair and I thought “Why not make them into cupcakes?”. I made two batches of cream cheese frosting, one with chocolate and one with raspberries ( you can find the recipes here and here ), and the perfect cupcake was born. 

ImageYou can decorate these however you like, I used either ground pistachios, chopped dark chocolate, chopped almonds, almond chips, something crunchy that goes well with chocolate and raspberries. 

TIP : You want to add the raspberries to the batter while they are still frozen, this way they will be juicier and yummier.

Bon Appetit!


Lavander Cupcakes with Honey Cream Cheese Frosting

As I have already told you, I usually make cupcakes as birthday presents for my friends. Well, a few sundays back we had a little birthday party for my boss, at the bistro where I work. I had no idea what to get her, so I instantly thought of cupcakes, but what kind? I had wanted to try lavander cupcakes for a while now, and it was the perfect opportunity. I researched the web for recipes ( when I say web, I mean Pinterest, it’s the best and I’m obsessed with it ) and after reading different takes on this type of cupcake, I decided to try this recipe from Jessie’s Kitchen Chronicles, they were just too adorable.


As you can see, mine are dark purple. That’s because I only had powder food coloring in the house and I thought it would do the the trick, but the blue was too dark and they came out like this. So, if you want to try this recipe, DON’T use powder food coloring. If you want to make them natural and not use food coloring, you can boil red cabbage and use the purple water to color the cupcakes, that’s what I want to try the next time I make these.

Now, enough about the aspect, let’s get to the good part, the taste. The cupcakes were a bit too lavandery for my taste, so next time I want to try reducing the lavander quantity to only 2 tablespoons of dried lavander buds, maybe even 1 1/2. The thing I loved most about these cupcakes was the frosting. It was PERFECTION. Creamy and just sweet enough, the honey complimented the lavander perfectly, but I’d like to try it with some other type of cupcake too, maybe something with walnuts.


All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with the result and I can’t wait to make them again with my alterations. If you try these and you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

Bon Appetit!